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Hi, I'm Alice Adorno. I'm a graphic designer and this is my portfolio. Here you find some of my works, some fanarts and ways to contact me. I hope you enjoy!


My price depends on what you want me to draw. This means that more complex things should cost more. Be sure to be specific about what you're looking for. Example: "I just want a character of myself with supreme clothes inside a yellow spacecraft. The name of my song is" My yellow spaceship"  Lol :'). 

All payments are received in advance. 

Paypal. No more than 7 days to be finished. But you can receive it in 72 hours for a additional $50.

I can do some little adjustes. The money can't be refunded because you won't be able to refund my time. Also if you want to add extra stuff to the art then this requires additional payment. Also arts can't be changed after approved and submitted.

The .PNG and .JPEG files. For .PSD this will cost an additional $50.

No just on the cover arts. Don't worry about it iTunes and all platforms accept it. 


If you send me an email about artwork, it means that you have read and agree to all terms and conditions so make sure you haven't skipped that part. I'll answer as soon as possible!